BBA Admission in Christ University Bangalore

Christ University, formerly Christ College (Autonomous) affiliated to Bangalore University was established in July 1969. It became the most preferred educational institution in the city of Bangaloru within the first three decades. From 1990 onwards it has scaled greater heights. Due to the introduction of innovative and modern curricula, insistence on academic discipline, imparting of Holistic Education, a team of creative and dedicated staff, the institution has been continually rated amongst the top 10 educational institutions of the country.

In today’s world driven by professional courses, it is a minimum criterion to get a Bachelor’s degree attained before exploring the vast sea of global opportunities. Among the many professional degrees that are available open for the aspirants, BBA is one of the easiest as well as promising ones. It helps in opening up the opportunity for an individual to join any kind of sector later on as a manager, unlike some other streams that are specific in their approaches.

How BBA Helps In Exploring Global Job Market?

With service sector on an exponential rise globally, there is a huge demand or need for the soft skilled personnel. With the growth of online ecommerce, the demand has only grown further. Generally, an MBA is a must in order to become a manager in any industry, but with the number of MBAs falling short, there is a huge opportunity open for BBA students as well.

In many other streams like engineering and medical, people have to choose a specialisation early on but can hardly shift to some other stream more liked. The choice being made too early, it is also difficult to perfect with that for most of the students. Hence come a lot of problems like frustration and unhappiness in professions, often leading to suicidal tendencies among the youth as well.

BBA on the other hand offers a better way out- it has a horizontal coverage of the expertise taught, thereby keeping the options open for an individual to shift from one specialization to another. Since the specific discipline has to be chosen only before MBA and not during BBA, the students are pretty matured by that age to take the right decision.

Best Place for BBA and MBA in Bangalore

In order to study BBA in Bengaluru, Christ University is always the best choice. They have a great quality of faculty members with close touch with the industry captains. Hence the chances of internships and even placements with good companies are pretty high, making admission in Christ University Bangalore a very competitive one.

Among the many reasons for joining BBA in Christ University are great placements and the high chances of getting through CAT for further MBA studies. The course coverage is so wide and deep out here that BBA admission in Christ University is one of the most sought after courses after 10+2 for students not only from Karnataka but also from the rest of India.

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